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Sure Cure



An acetaminophen awareness campaign


Acetaminophen, also known as paracetamol, acetam and apap; is present in more than 600 over the counter medications worldwide. In a hypothetical partnership with Sun Pharma and Classmate; the Surecure campaign educates consumers on how to safely use medicines containing acetaminophen to avoid unintentional overdose.

By reaching consumers when health is their top priority, the campaign seeks to raise awareness regarding self medication. The campaign name itself maybe used for versatile content generation

Are you sure of your cure?
Lets be sure of our cure
Is it a sure cure? 


Reaching out to urban working adults
(educated, experienced, busy)

1. Gentle reminders printed/stamped on the brown paper bags pharmacists package medications in. A typographic play of weights is used to convey the upper limit of paracetamol that one can ingest, keeping the visual simple and as direct with no room for any miscommunication.


2. To ensure that the user has easy access to additional data and facts, an infographic was designed to be placed at pharmacies and at doctor’s offices. Balancing the visuals and colours with the carefully curated information to create an interest, while simultaneously maintaining the serious tone of the campaign.


3. The information was also layout into a four page pamphlet to be distributed at various healthcare provider’s offices.


Creating awareness amongst a 14 - 17 year old demographic
(young, pressured, impulsive)

4. Surecure ties up with ITC Classmate, approaching teens with themed notebooks to educate young students about the dangers of paracetamol in a light manner. Creating a feel of uncertainty, haziness and nausea through a manipulated photograph of a teen popping a pill, colour coded with the campaign colours. In addition to the infographic, the themed book contains interactive games to enhance the learning experience.


In addition to the infographic, the themed book contains interactive games to enhance the learning experience. A five point checklist of things one should be sure of before popping a pill and a crossword based on general medical related knowledge.


5. For additional information regarding acetaminophen and Surecure, one could log into www.surecure.org / follow us at @surecure.



• Research • Content Development • Copywriting
• Layout • Editorial • Design Thinking • Strategy
• Social Innovation • Campaign


A four week classroom project