portfolio 2016


I'm a young and enthusiastic creative designer working from Goa

Fontainhas - Wayfinding System

A classroom project to design a navigational system for an existing space. We thought to design a signage system to help users to reach their desired location while simultaneously promoting the historical landmarks of Fontainhas. 

Approaching this project in a user centric manner, creating the system in a way that the tourists can interact with the space and cherish the experience.

Located in the city of Panaji. Spread over 2.5km

Set in a serene location like Goa, Fontainhas is the heritage quarter of the capital city of Panaji. Lying along the banks of the ancient Ourem Creek, Fontainhas has a completely different atmosphere from the hustle and bustle of the main city full of narrow streets and overhead balconies of the Portuguese style houses.


Proposed Heritage System

Classified as a tourist spot within Goa, Fontainhas is home to several heritage sites. Our aim was to devise a system which would enhance these locations thereby retaining their charm. Creating something that would act as a guide through Fontainhas.